Anne has been instrumental in helping many grocery stores bridge the gap between restaurants and retail grocery stores. From initial concept to fruition, Anne can help you create healthy meals that are a pleasure to eat, are fast and convenient and that are attractively styled and packaged.

Anne can develop products/programs that offer quality restaurant meals in a grocery/casual market environment.

Products Developed:

  • Healthy (lower calories; lower trans fats; lower sodium)
  • Pleasurable to Eat “Comfort Food”
  • Good Value
  • Safely Produced
  • Fast and Convenient
  • Attractively Packaged


  • Hands on training of staff and management for new product launches
  • Writing of training manuals, HACCP compliant standardized recipes
  • Evaluation, quality assessment of current menu offerings and suggestions for new and improved menu items
  • Sourcing and partnering with key suppliers to produce proprietary items exclusively for your company

“Anne’s role as developer and trainer highlights her excellent organizational and communication skills. Anne’s designation as a certified FOODSAFE instructor is a welcome asset as she places a great emphasis on food safety.”

Director of Deli and HMR Operations – Thrifty Foods

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