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Safe Grilling on the BBQ

Can you use the same tongs throughout your cooking process on the BBQ?

The answer is no! If you are using tongs to transfer raw meats to the barbecue it is fine to use the same tongs for this step. However, as the meat cooks and when it is done you must use a pair of clean tongs to remove it from the BBQ. Wash the original pair of tongs (or use another clean pair) with soap and hot water before you remove the cooked meats from the heat source so you don’t contaminate the cooked product with raw juices left on the first pair of tongs.

How do I tell if my meat is cooked?

Cooking food to a safe temperature is the best way to ensure safety. That’s because when food reaches a safe minimum internal temperature, bacteria that may be lurking are destroyed. The food is safe to eat when it is cooked to a high enough temperature to kill the harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Chicken and any kind of ground meat must be cooked to an internal temperature of 74C-165F. The only accurate way to know if food is cooked safely is to measure the internal temperature with a food thermometer. You can’t tell by looking! Colour and texture are not reliable indicators of safely cooked food.

A digital thermometer is the most accurate type to use. Check the temperature by inserting the stem into the thickest part of the item. Keep the thermometer in the item for at least 10 seconds for the temperature to register properly.

Be sure to wash tongs, thermometer stems or other barbecue tools after you are finished cooking!