Food Safety Plan & Technical Writing

Food Safety Plan & Technical Writing:  Standard Recipes, Training Manuals, Ingredient Binders; Food Safety and Sanitation Plans

Standard Recipes and Training Manuals: Anne can create HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) compliant standard recipes and training manuals. These are essential tools to guarantee consistency and accuracy in your food production operations.

Ingredient Binders: Food service operators need to ensure that their employees provide accurate information regarding the composition of foods being served, when requested by customers. This is particularly important given that some people may have strong personal, religious or medical (allergy) reasons for avoiding certain foods. Anne can create a detailed ingredient binder for your products to have available in your locations as a reference for your staff when they are queried about the ingredients of the items you serve.

Food Safety and Sanitation Plans: It’s the Law! All operators of food service establishments in BC are required to have a Food Safety Plan. A Food Safety Plan is a set of written procedures that will help eliminate, prevent or reduce food safety hazards that may cause illness or injury. Also, all operators of food service establishments in BC are required to have a Sanitation Plan. A Sanitation Plan is a set of written procedures to help ensure the safe and sanitary operation of your facility.

The requirements for Food Safety Plans and Sanitation Plans changed in 2013 and affects both restaurant and food processing facilities. Restaurant operators must now show they are “maintaining and following” their Food Safety and Sanitation Plans.

Anne can write a Food Safety Plan and Sanitation Plan for your establishment, customizing them to suit your establishment. She also conducts “follow up” visits to ensure compliance to the plans.
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